Pro Flight Simulator

There have been created a lot of simulator games in the market. But, there's only one the most favorite games you should try: Pro Flight Simulator. This is specifically dedicated to those of you who love planes and dare to fly it.

There are some important features of the simulator game that should be showed off to convince you more that this is the must-have game for you.
  1. Rich in Airports and Aircrafts. The Pro Flight Simulator package has an accurate view of the world based on real military mapping. It is even included with more than 20,000 of the world's airports and 120 different aircraft types.
  2. Helicopters. Because this game is all about flight simulator, helicopters make it complete. You will feel how difficult it is to lend a helicopter. But, it would be an amazing experience for you. This game brings a simple helicopter simulator machine with a crash course to help those of you who are impatient to get lifted up. 
  3. Real-World Time synchronization. The synchronization system time is cool, because it is designed to stimulate your experience of flying across the continent. You will see the sun, moon, stars and planets will appear depend on time of day. 
  4. World scenery Support and Multi Display. The marvelous view is here followed with 100% freedom covers the sky, while the sun, moon and stars are described in a proper place in relation to this planet.
  5. Joystick and Keyboard control Support. There's a virtual joystick in the cockpit. This feature is functioned to help you play the game while flying with a fighter jet or an Air Bus. 
  6. Menu Entries, Instrument, User Extensible, and Realistic Lighting. These features are created to improve your skill. The realistic graphics show you the latest timings of each flight. This game even allows you to modify their airplanes and engines, weapons and specifications in accordance with your wishes and tastes. 
  7. Refueling System. You will fly over houses, perform acrobatics, and most interestingly, you will be able to have air-to-air refueling by using an aircraft carrier.
Pro Flight Simulator is a fantastic game. It’s obvious that you want to play and play it again, especially those of you who really love aircraft things. You would never find a game like this, since this is the newest technology in aircraft simulator. This simulator game is even used for real trainings to level up pilot’s skills.